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Fishing Rules

Match Rules

General Fishery Rules

  • Please report to reception on your arrival
  • Barbless hooks only are to be used, maximum size 12
  • Fishery landing nets only are to be used. Please bring your own landing net handle
  • No keepnets are to be used whilst pleasure fishing
  • Fishery feed pellets must be used
  • All fish over 4oz must be netted
  • No braided line
  • No surface fishing
  • Fish must not be handled with any cloth/towel
  • No night fishing – fishing ends at 8pm (5pm during Winter months)
  • Children under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by an adult/guardian
  • Fishing is only permitted from numbered pegs. No cutting or digging bankside vegetation is permitted
  • Spring Lea is a family venue, please use the toilets provided
  • Please respect other anglers. No loud music, BBQs or alcohol is permitted on the bank
  • When photographing fish please kneel (no standing with fish)
  • All cars are to be parked in the car park
  • All litter must be disposed of in the bins provided 

Bait Rules

  • Hemp, castor and maggot – 4 pints in total
  • Worms – 1kg maximum
  • Sweetcorn – 3 x 198g tins in total
  • Meat – 2 x 290g tins with fat removed in total
  • No boilies, blood worm, joker or liquidised bait to be used
  • No leftover bait is to be thrown in the lakes. Please use the bins provided

Match Fishing Rules

Spring Lea Park staff will do all the weighing at the end of the match.

Fishery keepnets must be used. Nets can be placed in the water once your peg has been drawn.

All matches must be a maximum of five hours in duration.

Please use a minimum of three keepnets (x2 carp, x1 silver). Fish weighing under 3lbs should be kept separate to bigger fish. No more than 50lbs of fish are to be held in a keepnet at any time. No more than four pints of live/particle bait is to be taken to your peg at any time. In addition, anglers are allowed a maximum of 1 kilo of worms and two kilos of ground bait. Anglers may fish halfway between the peg that they are sat on, and the nearest angler.

Queries and Penalties

Our aim at Spring Lea Fishery is to create a pleasant, fair environment for anglers to enjoy our facilities.

Please report any violation of the above rules to the fishery team as soon as possible. We reserve the right to disqualify, evict and ban any individual/s that we regard to be showing a blatant disregard for our rules. Contact us for more information on our match day rules.