Open Matches

Open fishing matches at Spring Lea Fishery are open to all anglers. Whether you’re a competition champion or just want to have a go at match fishing for the first time, everyone is welcome to take part.

At Spring Lea we host open matches four times a week; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. All matches are open to all anglers. To learn about upcoming matches and book your place, please contact us.

All fishing matches are drawn from 10am, at the Lakeside Café, with a rolling draw. Each match lasts for 5 hours – all in at 11am, all out at 4pm. Matches are charged at £18 all in, which covers £8 for your peg fee, and £10 to contribute towards the prize pot.

Winter matches from 1st November will be drawn at 9am – all in at 10am, all out at 3pm.

On match day, please go to Lakeside Café to complete your draw. Once your peg has been chosen, please make your way towards the pool. Our tackle and bait shop is well stocked, with all the essential items you need for a day’s fishing.

Match day winners are announced once all weights have been recorded back at the café/reception area. All match results are posted daily on our Facebook page, and uploaded onto the News section of our website. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with all upcoming matches and match day winner announcements.

Ahead of arriving on site, please take the time to read through our set of match fishing rules.

Upcoming Events

Orfe Pool open match

7th December 2021 - Orfe Pool

Mallard Pool open match

9th December 2021 - Mallard Pool

The Canal Pool open match

11th December 2021 - The Canal Pool

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Latest Results

The Canal Pool open match

Saturday 4th December

1ST peg 4 Bob Hill 2lb 0oz

2ND peg 8 Jay Link 1lb 10oz

3RD peg11 Alan Griffith 1lb 7oz


Mallard Pool open match

Tuesday 30th November

1ST  peg 19 Godfrey Wood 10lb 5oz

2ND peg 33 Bob Hill 9lb 1oz

3RD peg 29 Clive Wynn 7lb 2oz


Orfe Pool open match

Sunday 28th November

1ST peg 30 Andy Woods 58lb 10oz

2ND peg 27 Chris Watson 41lb 40z

3RD peg 16 Kevin Pilsbury 40lb 6oz


Club Bookings

Club fishing matches and lake bookings are available at Spring Lea Fishery.

If you would like to organise a group or club booking, please call our Fishery warden for information on availability and to book on 07983871661.

All of our fishing lakes are available for club matches or group bookings exclusively. Alternatively, you can make a booking for half of your chosen fishing pool for smaller groups.